NLF / Mikrofly / Flyging til Sverige eller Danmark i sommer?
Roger Holm

Flyging til Sverige eller Danmark i sommer?

Skal du fly til Danmark i sommer så må du søke om forhåndstillatelse for deg og flyet ditt. Til Sverige er det ganske enkelt fritt fram når du har alle papirer i orden, og sender en reiseplan iht regelverket.

Til Danmark er det fremdeles byråkrati på samme måte som utenlandske må søke for å fly inn til Norge. Vi er i den situasjonen at punktene Danmark etterspør er inkludert i våre mikroflygebevis (pkt 1) og de norske mikroflyenes flygetillatelser (pkt 2, 3 og 4 A B). og vi bringer her teksten som de har publisert i "MLA Flying in Europe", som finnes på websiden EMF.AERO

Hvis man oppretter seg som bruker på kan man få meget god information om "Aviation weather" i Norden (også METAR/TAF).

Official air-to-air frequency: 129,800 Microlight air-to-air: 130,125 The Danish Ultralight Flying Association (DULFU) issues permits to foreign microlight pilots to fly microlight aircrafts in Danish Airspace.

Applications sent to the Civil Aviation Administration in Denmark will be forwarded directly to DULFU and will cause a delay in the procedure. A written application to DULFU containing the following valid documentation is needed:

1. Copy of microlight license In case of licenses without stamped expiry date, a copy of valid medical certificate is also needed. Applications from Germany must include a valid medical certificate or “Attachment F” to the personal license

2. Registration certificate of the microlight aircraft

3. Valid microlight airworthiness certificate. Applications from Germany must also include “Nachprüfschein” where expiry date is noted.

4. Certificate of valid insurance according to Regulation (EC) no. 785/2004: The requirements stated in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) (one SDR equalling approximately 9 DKK) are as follows: A. Insurance in respect of liability to third parties, per accident for aircraft with a maximum take-off mass (MTOM) of less than 500 kg: min. 0.75 million SDRs B. Insurance in respect of liability for passengers: 250,000 SDRs per passenger seat with which the aircraft is approved. Please state required period in the application, name and home address and if possible also an e-mail address.

Please be in good time because we reserve the right for a handling period of up to 14 days. A permit is issued under the following conditions:

1. A max. period of 90 days can be issued and a total of 30 days can be used to fly in Danish airspace per calender year

2. Track of the days flown are recorded in your logbook so they can be produced if a routine license inspection is performed while flying in Denmark.

3. The operational conditions for ultralight flying in DK by foreign pilots are complied with.

4. A copy of the permit is carried onboard while flying in Denmark. NOTE: Immigration is not required for flights between Schengen States. Customs clearance is still compulsory for all flights to Denmark. Filing of Flight Plans are still compulsory for flights to / from Denmark.

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